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Guild Rules and Size in World of Warcraft

2009-12-23 03:18:32

We are not only have wow accounts and wow gold for sale, but also share the World of Warcraft guides and information with player. So you can read it freely. And buy wow accounts from us if you hope have a high level wow account.Every guild should have rules of general conduct. Even if the rule is anything goes, it should be stated and made clear so that everyone can see it, knows it, and understands it.

Guild Rules

Some of the most basic rules are things such as a swearing policy, whether or not insults are tolerated, how people should be treated, and more. Although many players will argue that loot rules are not needed for most guilds. Loot starts more fights and arguments than any other single thing in the game. A simple fact is that when loot is involved, greed kicks in and common sense tends to go out the window. While having rules will not alleviate all of the issues surrounding loot, it will help. Therefore set out rules in advance and then spam them again before every raid or run. Situations that are unclear always arise however and the guild leader and officers should discuss loot early on in the guild’s existence. They should have a certain “feel” for what they want, and all agree. This way any of them can step into an argument in guild about loot and resolve it in a similar manner to any other officer would. In raiding guilds, it is recommended to have some very clear rules, such as “we use DKP” or “we have a loot council that decides all raid gear’s destination for the betterment of the guild”. While no one solution fits all guilds, your guild needs to have is predetermined.

Guild size

A guild of almost any size will work, depending on what you expect. A raiding guild tends to work best at set sizes. The size depends on the raid size that they aim to complete. For 10 man raiding, that number is about 12-13 core players and several alts. For 25 man raiding it is about 30 cores and then several alternates. This is due to a few simple things. The first is that inevitably not everyone will attend every raid, yet the rest will still want to raid, so you need some spares. The second is that everyone wants to go, and therefore you do not want too many extras or people will feel they are always sitting out and look elsewhere. These are not the only sizes that work, and in some cases any size will work, but remember no matter if you have been told otherwise, “size matters”.

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